FullSizeRender (2)Healing.

The state of the world demands it, more than ever before, and at an increasingly exponential rate. 

Now is the time to heal, which is to say, discover who we really are, how much is contained in the implicit memories of our bodies, our cells, the two strands of our paternal and maternal ancestry and the third of our souls, that have been woven together for reasons that we are all mandated to unearth.  

We do not yet know how far back our psyches go, exactly what they contain, though we suspect it is everything, and to the very beginning. This is the terrain of our healing. A landscape that is vast, uncharted, beckoning. 

There is only one way that I have seen true psycho-emotional and spiritual healing take place, and it involves going back, sometimes far, far back, and reclaiming what was once lost, forgotten, abandoned or sacrificed. 

This is my passion, my play, my charge and my sacred vocation. 

And so we go in together, we go back together, back as far as we can, entering the depths with a curiosity and a trust, that what we have been looking for awaits us, has been grieving, yearning for our return.


I currently work in private practice in Portland, Oregon and at Sophia Health Institute in Seattle, Washington, with a truly exceptional team of Naturopaths, body workers, and shamanistic healers under the guidance of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD. It is an eclectic and preternatural team. I’m not sure I would fit anywhere else. 

I am a meditator, a writer, former associate with LionHeart Consulting, and in a life time that seems like many moons ago, Executive Director of the Edgar Cayce Center for Holistic Healing in New York. 


When I work I often develop a ‘spectrum’ of what you may be facing. The reason I refer to this as a ‘spectrum’ is because although we often believe that we are facing a single problem that requires a single solution, the truth is usually more complex. This is where most psycho-emotional and spiritual healing and development falls short. Simply put – we oversimplify because it’s easier – not because it’s better.

After our initial conversation I‘ll be open about my assessment and check in with you to confirm that we’re on the same page about what I see, and recommend. If you agree, then we’ll continue what we’ve begun.

I work in a wide variety of ways, and depending on what we feel we might explore Trans-Personal Hypnotherapy, or Trans-Somatic Dialogue – a modality that reveals limiting beliefs that were created in childhood that may still be influencing you unconsciously.

For more information about this work you can read the following articles:

Why Childhood Trauma Sabotages Adult Life and How to Resolve It

              Healing Psycho Emotional Trauma with the 5 Levels Model, Organs Systems, and Corresponding Emotions

Sometimes when certain blockages have taken place even before childhood, in the ancestral past of your family system, we will consider exploring the work of “trans-generational psychotherapy” which is also referred to as Family Constellation, founded by German Psychotherapist Burt Hellinger. This powerful work is capable of revealing the hidden dynamics that have caused trauma within a family (or organizational system) and that are often handed down for generations. You can learn more about it here.

Then again you may not need to heal your family dynamics and simply struggle with an internal space that feels as if it is constantly in turmoil – one that you have begun to realize is directly effecting your ability to effectively find fulfillment in life.

In this case I would support you to bring harmony to your internal systems that include your mind, emotions, heart (as well as your instincts, inspiration and unconscious) in a program called The Foundation which you can read more about here

(Although I will say that this program has recently been given a major overhaul and will include but dramatically transcend what I have previously written about. The updated version should be up soon.)

This is the work of developing a Standard Model of Healthy Consciousness that I am deeply passionate about, and that I believe will one day be part of our  educational system early in life. An internal understanding of the self and psyche that is as fundamental to growing up as literacy and numeracy.


Whatever you are facing either individually or organizationally there will always be a number of complex contributing elements at hand. These will range from what you can see and touch such as the technical, strategic, organizational, physical, nutritional and environmental to what you cannot see or touch that includes the internal, energetic, ancestral and spiritual.

Financial Hardship

Sometimes we need help the most when we can least afford it. I know because I’ve been there myself. A time in my life when I wanted to reach out but felt that I simply did not have the resources. Today I ‘m grateful to work with a small number of individuals hungry for change, over a specific period of time, at a reduced rate. If this sounds like something that you would benefit from, then just ask. If we decide that working together is a fit I’ll support you with a broad a range of tools able to support your transformation to take place in ways that are both authentic and enduring.

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Training, Certifications and Specialties

Autonomic Response Testing Levels 1 & 2 ~ Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD
Applied Psycho Neuro-Biology ~ Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD
Trans Somatic Dialogue ~ Swami Devageet
Family Constellation Facilitator Training ~ Jane Peterson PhD
Integral Theory MA Certification ~ Fielding Graduate University
Archetypal Pattern Analysis Fundamentals ~ Diane Steinbrecher LCSW, CHT, MSWAC and Shannon Pernetti
Dianetics Fundamentals ~ (Because I had to know what all the fuss was about)

Relationship and Attachment Theory
Developmental and Transpersonal Psychology
Leadership Development
Systems and Complexity Theory
Business and Culture Development
Conflict Resolution
Conscious Parenting

Additional resources