7 Reasons You’re Spiritually Wealthy and Financially Broke

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Congratulations, you’ve had a spiritual experience. After years of training you’ve finally touched the absolute nature of reality resulting in an ability to heal and guide others there too.

In a word: whatever.

Seriously, were you expecting a medal?

A band of followers to hang on your every word?

A book deal?

I mean did you really think that all the flowers were going to bloom and the birds would break into song?

Sorry to disappoint but that didn’t even happen with the Buddha.


Because it was a metaphor, silly.

But seriously, nice work. While all your friends were building their careers you were sitting on your ass in the middle of the jungle next to some old man able to warp time and space solely with the power of his BO. Now all your friends have houses, 401(k)s, and passive income streams that support their vacations in the Mediterranean while all you’ve got is access to “cosmic consciousness” and a ton of student debt.

What the hell is going on?