Why Dying to Life is Easy

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Dying to life is easy.

It just requires you to bleed yourself dry of everything you’ve ever wanted.

The first cut is the hardest.

You won’t want to.

Your mind will tell you not to.

But only because it’s designed to protect you from the deepest part of you that wants nothing more than to free you. So you’ll go back and forth scrambling for proof that it’s the right thing to do. But like an old king or queen looking for truth from a fool you’ll never get the answer you’re looking for. Like asking a mother to share what child birth is with words, or to know what skinny dipping is from a slide show, or what it is to make love in the wild like an animal.

But you cannot know in advance because that leap into the unknown is the learning curve of a process of letting go that like a drop falling into an abyss that eventually goes vertical is the only answer you’ve ever been looking for.

And so it will never appear logical. The same reason that faith has always been so unpalatable to the rational. Because it is not a calculation but revelational. One that leads to a golden field where lovers cut open their hearts and sink their teeth into the pain of being to stop fearing and living without feeling. So they can let go of everything. Not to find ground but to fall more peacefully and break more easily. This is why dying is easy.

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