Why Free Will Is Not a God-Given Gift, But a Muscle That Must Be Built

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It’s a strange thing. Sigmund Freud is the famous one, but do you know which master of the unconscious mind has effected your life more? His lesser known nephew. Eddie, as he was known, was a devious, manipulative shit. He realized that by using his uncles theories he could devise masterful ways of selling people crap they didn’t need that damaged their health, wasted their money, and took control of them like puppets. In 1929 the American Tobacco Company hired Eddie because they had a problem. Only men smoked cigarettes. Women didn’t. They were losing 50% of their entire potential market. And they wanted it. So they asked Eddie to devise a marketing strategy that appealed to the unconscious mind of women in America by creating a campaign that went to the heart of what they were truly passionate about. Female Emancipation. Women’s Liberation. The campaign that resulted from this re-branded cigarettes as, wait for it … Torches of Freedom.


And yes, you’re absolutely right. It’s loathsome and contemptible, and he should have been bitch slapped for it on the spot. But because we were largely uneducated in the intricacies of consciousness … it was a smash hit.

Cigarette sales sky rocketed, American Tobacco made ground breaking profits, Eddie was hailed as a genius, and women started getting lung cancer. That was the beginning of a whole new way of driving the herd.

And yes, unless you’ve liberated yourself from your unconscious mind then you’re still at the mercy of it because your reptilian brain is still being triggered by marketing campaigns everywhere – to eat certain products, drink certain beverages, watch certain programs, vote for certain candidates, and to live a very specific kind of life, not because you want that life, or because it’s good for you, but because it profits someone else.


“The secret of all marketing is to persuade the person
to persuade himself.”
Stewart Ewen

Today, thousands of organizations world wide are literally using the public’s unconscious against them. They are the Masters of the Unconscious. Masters because they have taken the time to know you better than you know yourself. And there is nothing more dangerous than having someone else with a self serving interest, know you better than you know yourself. Especially if they’re a corporation that profits when you’re sick, ignorant, or distracted.



“The true end users of Facebook are the marketers who want to reach and influence us. They are Facebook’s paying customers; we are the product. We are its workers. The countless hours that we – and the young, particularly – spend on our profiles are the unpaid labor on which Facebook justifies its stock valuation.”

Douglas Rushkoff

How Marketers Use Your Unconscious Against You


When I tell the story of Eddie Bernaise and his marketing manipulation of women in the 1920’s people will sometimes say “well that was almost a hundred years ago, times have changed.”

But I can assure you that they haven’t.

The Edward Bernaise of today, one of the great modern wizards behind the curtain of mass marketing, is Clottaire Rapaille.

Now you may have never heard of Clottaire, but he’s a self made millionaire who has worked with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and at one time was on retainer to at least 50.

What does he do?

Companies pay him to uncover what drives consumers at the limbic and reptilian level of the brain so that they can infuse their marketing campaigns with unconscious triggers that stimulate maximum profit.

It’s basically the Jedi mind trick on a mass scale.

And it works.

So that when you see a specific brand of toilet paper, or type of car, or political candidate or commercial, or social media post, or any thing else that’s been designed to attract you at the unconscious level – you will simply feel drawn to it, whether you know it or not.

And when you question why, you will have no choice but to generate a rationalization, even if it’s complete bullshit.

You will have literally been coerced, unconsciously, into buying your own lie for why you are not being controlled, when you actually are.

Laboratory experiments have literally proven this.

That when we are compelled by an impulse that is unconscious to us, to do something for reasons that we cannot explain, we will simply make up a convenient reason for why we’re doing it, regardless of whether it’s true or not.

Take Folgers for example.

The best selling coffee in the US in 2013.

That’s right.

Fucking Folgers.

So how did they do it?

It’s simple.

Clottaire did regression therapy on focus groups until he discovered that the first and most comforting experience of coffee in the American Cultural Psyche comes from the unconscious-hard-wired experience that most babies have when they are in the warmth and protection of the crib and mom and dad are downstairs brewing their morning cup.

Specifically – it’s the moment that the aroma hits their nose – the olfactory sense.

So what did Folgers do with this unconscious information excavated by Clottaire?

Well they certainly didn’t focus on the taste or quality, now did they?

Oh no.

As Clottaire might say – that would be “off-code”.

That not the Hard Wired “hot-button” that they want to hit.

No, they just focused on the aroma. In fact they designed an aroma and then injected, yes injected, into the top of every bag or can so that when you opened it your limbic system would immediately be triggered back to the comfort and security of the crib at home with mom and dad where everything was safe and peaceful.

So the next time you see someone buying Folgers, you may be watching someone who is in the process of being neurologically played … like a baby.

Because honestly, as far as coffee goes, Folgers is not number 1, by any standard, except perhaps as the best coffee designed to unconsciously trigger your reptilian brain into thinking that it’s feeling safe, and at home.


Even the original Folgers lady looked like a sorcerer controlling your mind.


And if you’re thinking that this is just crazy, then you’re thinking with your neo-cortex.

And just try putting your neo cortex and your reptilian brain in the ring together, and see who wins the game of persuading you which way to go.

Because what you’ll find, and what Clottaire loves to remind us of, is that the reptile … always wins.

Why Clottaire and I Do Exactly The Same Thing, With One Important Difference

The truth is that Clottaire’s work really fascinated me for one particular reason.

Surprisingly, we do exactly the same thing. We both excavate and illuminate individual and cultural Hard Wiring and Conditioning with just one important difference.

While Clottaire takes that information from you, from the public, from a focus group, and sells it to corporations who then use that information to manipulate you for profit, I reveal that information to you so that you can be free from it.

That’s the difference between being a fat cat henchman for the man … and a small time freedom fighter for the revolution.


Lowly Freedom Fighter
Fat Cat Henchman (Yes, that’s him.)



The Revolution will be Internalized

As long as we are ignorant of our unconscious you will never be able to resist the subtle, all pervasive manipulation of the global masters. You will simply continue to be unaware of the invisible strings that are attached to you. Strings that are tied to your anger and sadness, your wants and needs, your patriotism and passions. Strings that are attached to every part of your life, that can be pulled by anyone with the eyes to see them. Because unless you have done the work to cut yourself free of them – whenever you feel moved to go left instead of right, to buy this instead of that, to vote yes instead of no, to protest this, or fight for that … you will never be entirely sure whether you are making the decision for yourself, or if someone else is making that decision for you – by pulling at an invisible string that is attached to you. Because either way, you will simply be feeling an impulse that is coming from within you.

So You Might Be Unconsciously Controlled If …

  1. You can’t stop doing something.
  2. You tell your self that you actually don’t want to stop doing the thing that you can’t stop doing.
  3. You have lots of stuff that you don’t need.
  4. You smoke.
  5. You check social media every day.
  6. You listen or read the news every day and feel “out of the loop” when you don’t.
  7. You begin to feel antsy after only two days off-line.
  8. You don’t have any inner peace and have no plan to establish it.
  9. You listen to music stations on the radio, all the time, which is basically a continuous random-3-minute-emotion-spiking-generator that jacks your nervous system, and knocks you off your center, without any idea that what I’ve just said is actually happening.
  10. You have no plan to jail break yourself from a life of toil, from the most beautiful slave planet in the solar system called earth.
  11. You have no idea that your childhood programming is still running large swaths of your life and have no plans to address it.
  12. You don’t know squat about your epigenetic inheritance.
  13. You have not been through a painful, prolonged process of waking up to the ways in which you are imprisoned, and enslaved not simply by others, but by your unwillingness to consider that this is true.

How To Take Control

  1. Understand that you are a conglomeration of systems and programs.
  2. Identify the main systems – the Instincts, the Mind, the Emotions, the Heart, the Unconscious, the Body – and their individual roles and function. Understand how to use them all as nature intended – Symphonically.
  3. If in doubt see The Essentials of Healthy Consciousness Part 1. (If you want it for free just email me and say something nice. After all how can I talk about all this and then try to shark you for 20 bucks? If you’re game for a shift-sandwich then I’m with you.)
  4. Finally, identify the main programs within each of those main systems that you never knew were running your life. For example – your conflict style, your relationship to give and take, your boundaries, your traumas, your cognitive biases, your childhood conditioning, your epigenetic inheritance, and many many more.

This is by far the most critical step. Because the moment that you realize that all these programs have always been running inside you, and as a result – PRE-DETERMINING YOUR LIFE IN VERY SPECIFIC WAYS – you will finally begin to understand what Free Will really is …

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