Why Free Will Is Not a God-Given Gift, But a Muscle That Must Be Built

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It’s a strange thing.

Sigmund Freud is the famous one, but do you know which master of the unconscious mind has effected your life more?

His lesser known nephew Edward Bernaise.

Eddie, as he was known, was a devious, manipulative little shit.

He realized that by using his uncles theories he could devise masterful ways of selling people crap they didn’t need, that damaged their health, wasted their money, and took control of them like puppets.

Remind you of anyone?

Dam right.

I’m taking about you and me.

The consumer.

Capitalism’s Gimp.

Take the following example:

In 1929 the American Tobacco Company hired Bernaise because they had a problem. Only men smoked cigarettes. Women didn’t.

They were losing 50% of their entire potential market.

And they wanted it.

So they asked Bernaise to devise a marketing strategy that appealed to the unconscious mind of women in America by creating a campaign that went to the heart of what they were truly passionate about.

Female Emancipation.

Women’s Liberation.

The campaign that resulted from this re-branded cigarettes as, wait for it …

Torches of Freedom.

When You Realize There is No Secret to Success

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There is no “Definitive Guide to Optimum Health.”

No “Key to Finding Your Soul Mate.”

No “3 Simple Things That You Can Do To Go From Living In a Porta-Potty On Top Of a Garbage Dump To Millionaire in Under 6 Months.”

And there is certainly no “Secret To Success.”

Because if ANY OF THIS were true …


Then a tsunami of HEALING, and SUCCESS and WEALTH and SOUL-PARTNERSHIPS would have already been generated by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide in verifiably repeatable ways.

And most of all, we would have heard about it by now.

But we haven’t.

Because it’s not true.

And deep down we know it.

But most of us still don’t want to hear this.

We still want it to sound easy, and simple, and that all our dreams are always and forever attainable.

And they are.

But they’re also not.

And admitting that … literally taking a deep breath and surrendering into that painful truth of life, is actually … liberating.

Because when we accept the truth of how much luck, and genetics, and environment and culture, and timing and a whole host of others factors that we have ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL OVER play into every success and failure that we’ve ever had – it stops us from feeling like losers when our goals don’t work out, or for feeling like total ego-maniacs when they do.