Introduction to the Healing Process of Sequencing (Followed by Part 2)

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Here’s an introduction to one of the most important healing skills we need to learn as practitioners, partners and parents that I call Sequencing. ~ It’s followed by a Part Two in which I explain why not Sequencing, otherwise known as “Sequencing Interruption & Redirection” leads to eternal dissatisfaction, addiction & hyper consumerism.     […]

Mitigating the Catastrophic Effects of a Spiritual Awaking on Your Family

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After so many years of encountering and supporting individuals through psycho-spiritual transformations and the often inevitable complications that arise as a result of those transformations within family and community, here’s a somewhat involved video explaining why this takes place at all, and a few tips that can help if you’re going through the experience yourself. 

How James Bond is Finally Evolving Into A Conscious Man

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Fifteen years ago I called a friend at the Endeavor talent agency in Los Angeles and pitched him an evolution of Bond that I thought was inevitable. “The Bond we need to see,” I said “isn’t just cool calm and collected, he’s sweaty, he had poor digestion and experiences regular diarrhea. He’s a pale faced, raging alcoholic whose character requires him to face the very demons that made him 007. As Bond he has to take us past the one liners and casual killings in a true exploration of his psyche, his soul. Because as one of the most important, mainstream cultural explorations of the Warrior Psyche that lives inside all men, he must take the lead in acknowledging what hides underneath that hard, emotionless shell …

a traumatized, troubled child desperately seeking revenge on the trauma inflicted upon him by his father as well as the desperate desire to reclaim the love his mother AKA “M”.

My friend paused.