Dr. R

“If Jesus and Paul Rudd had had a baby …”


Working with Zach is truly an extraordinary process and transformational in every way. He is the most present and focused healer I have worked with, and brings a special intensity to the energy during a session. It is unlike any work, spiritual, emotional or physical, that I had encountered previously. I started working with Zach shortly […]


“Healing and developing my internal world with you was like taking my Aston Martin DB9 and upgrading to a DB7. I loved the old one but these days I need the cruise control, air conditioning and GPS!”


“Over the last few days I’ve been reflecting on 2015 and the things that I am most grateful for. So much of my growth and learning this year has directly resulted from you. I keep trying to find the right words to express my gratitude but words just aren’t enough. I really can’t express how […]

Inoshi Denizen

“To experience working in process, live, with Zachary is something extraordinary.”

Alan Steinfeld

“Any company that has Zachary on their team is most fortunate. His insight, understanding, and creative inventiveness in any situation has helped me and my business perform at new levels of functionality and prosperity.”


“Through his uncanny insight and envy worthy intelligence he quickly earns permission to tell you what you need to hear versus what you want to hear. Zachary is a truly exceptional consultant who will readily serve in your corner and help you develop a mindful, authentic approach to leadership.”

L. Van Gee

“Transformational is the word that comes to mind when I think about how to express what it is like to work with Zachary. Deeply transformational … on all levels; whether it be in the realm of the heart when exploring feelings and emotions; the linearity of intellect and reason when dealing with the mind; or […]

Matthew Beer

“I’ve come to know Zachary only recently, but it didn’t take long to realize that he was someone I needed to listen to. I’ve been working in my field for 6 years now and the feedback, the insight, and the ideas that he had to offer me went beyond anything I had ever thought of. […]


“Zachary has an incredible gift to gently & effectively inspire his clients to change their lives. His enthusiasm, education & guidance throughout this process has allowed me to experience a level of joy and personal growth I never imagined.”

Vishal Agarwala

“Zachary’s ability to perceive situations and apply his intuition is spot on. His approach of looking not just at the game but also the self is key to deriving results and creating a platform that catalyzes growth. I look forward to working with him again.”

Paul Werder

You have extraordinary insight and ability to see the subtleties of how we all think and act in ways that are contrary to our highest intentions. As a professional coach myself, I respect the personal work you have done for the past 20 years to prepare yourself to be of service to others.

Peter Chordas

“As an atheist, I’m probably the least likely to endorse someone like Zachary Feder—and yet there is no one I could recommend more highly. Zachary’s wisdom and training have given me an expanded awareness that has directly impacted my financial growth, the success of my two businesses, and even the depth of my personal relationships. […]

Terra Soma MBA

One of the great pleasures of my work is co-facilitating with great men. Thank you Zachary for a fabulous evening of creating more love and connection in the world through conflict.


People say events “changed their life,” and it can seem overstated, but I found out things about myself I was never able to put into words before, and yes, that changed my life.

Tim Biot

“I’ve had the good fortune and the wonderful experience to work with Zachary in New York. To me he embodied the perfect balance between a warm spiritual guide and a professional business leader.”


“Your work is like human ayahuasca.”