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Working with Zach is truly an extraordinary process and transformational in every way. He is the most present and focused healer I have worked with, and brings a special intensity to the energy during a session. It is unlike any work, spiritual, emotional or physical, that I had encountered previously.

I started working with Zach shortly before my beautiful mum passed away. I had no idea that she was dying and no idea who Zach was at that point but somehow, across the miles, he helped to carry me gently though the numbness and chaos of the days and weeks after her death and gave me more strength, hope, peace and acceptance than I could have ever hoped for during such a sad and bleak time. We were able to explore all kinds of issues and blocks with such honesty and authenticity that I have, at last, been able to let go of several issues that I have never faced with anyone else.

It is a huge honor to know and work with Zach –  he is sensitive enough to share most anything with. I especially value the wide angled lens that he brings to sessions – there are so many levels to the strategies and skills he has to offer in the therapeutic relationship. As someone working through chronic illness, I also feel he brings so much support and care, but also honesty to the work, and he can hold your energy safely whilst you unravel all the complexities of human life and existence, and in particular, your life. Thank you Zach – for all you do.