The ‘Death’ of Spirituality

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There is not a galaxy in the universe that is spiritual. Not a solar system that is Christian or Hindu, no shooting star that is Buddhist or planet that is Sufi or Jewish. Never in the history of the world has an apple ever fallen from a tree … an atheist. The death of spirituality is the death of the finger pointing at the moon, and the birth of the moon. We no longer need to point to it. We have landed on it.
The death of spirituality is the moment that the territory becomes the map, the moment that magic becomes merely undiscovered science, or bullshit. When faith becomes the patience required for successful practice and karma: blow back; its operationalization, merely an individual’s most developed self-preservation instinct. It is the moment that enlightenment becomes your Free Will Index, and ‘God’ is re-born as the global collective conscience.
As Spirituality dies for you personally it will represent the moment that you no longer pray or meditate because you think to do so is good, just as much as you don’t urinate or defecate because you believe that you should. It is the moment that prayer and meditation will have simply become a more subtle form of purification. We will not practice them for the sake of developing consciousness as much as finding food and shelter for our family is an unquestioned requirement – no longer mysticism, but the actions of a phenomenologically sophisticated logician. You will not surrender to Spirit because you honor Her just as the planets do not circle the sun because they worship It. We will simply do so because it is in harmony with the Kosmic.
No, Spirituality is not dying, it is simply shedding its skin.
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