The Path of the Artist Healer


I have always had a special relationship to artists. To those willing to step into the fire and burn something from nothing into creation. In my teens and twenties I explored the path of the destructive artist, who conceals his art from himself, and who was unaware of what he was creating and why. James Joyce was one such artist, who refused to be analyzed by Jung, which really only meant that he refused to look himself in the mirror, and suffered terribly because of it. This is the fist path of the artist, but there is also a second. One that Gilbran attained and Hesse, among others. The path of the Self Aware Artist, who understands what they are channeling and why. Who aligns themselves with their gift, weaves it into their mission, and soul development.

If you’re an artist looking for support in your work, your health, your connection to Dionysus and Venus, then reach out. If there is kinship, we will know it.