We live in a world of colossal BS. I don’t have to tall you that. You know it. But this is why authentic leadership is so effective and important.

When you step into leadership you’re taking the time to understand the psychological and emotional programs within you which makes you exponentially more effective when dealing with those around you. More than that you’re deciding to preemptively clean the inherent distortions in your vision that we are all born with. You’re opening up your intuition and developing the ability to see the systemic nature of your challenges. You’re illuminating your unknown unknowns – something that only a rare few have even understood exist, and even fewer make conscious.

When you really get down to it leadership is a grandiose term that really only means one thing – going to the very depths of who you are so that you’re able to positively influence every one you come into contact with. And in case that’s not clear enough – doing that creates a life that is more fulfilling, enjoyable, and abundant. Real leadership is a rising tide that raises all ships. Everyone wins.

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