Personal Retreats

You Know It’s Right When…

you’re frustrated and tired, you’ve lost track of your center, and you feel as if you’ve been hitting an invisible wall for what seems like an eternity. That’s when it’s time for a retreat.

Transformation Not For The Feint of Heart

Like a rising tide that raises all ships our retreats are designed to provide you with a personalized breakthrough that is systemic. What this means is that it will effect every major area of your life including your health, career, intimate relationships, family and, most importantly, your relationship to your self.

How It’s Done

Over the course of a full weekend in your own private lodging in Portland, Oregon and supported with a customized organic menu, you will be guided through:

  • A Comprehensive Internal Systems Training and Development
  • 2 Trans-Somatic Dialogue Sessions
  • 1 Family Constellation Consultation
  • Clarification of Your Attachment and Conflict Styles and How To Work With Them
  • Personal Leadership Skill Assessment and Development
  • Strategic Career and Mission Support
  • 1 Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T.) Treatment
  • Acupuncture Assessment and Session
  • Adaptagenic Herb Protocol
  • Customized Cold Laser and Light Therapy Sessions
  • Daily Meditation


      How It Works

We begin the process by opening a dialogue with your unconscious to illuminate any self sabotaging defense mechanisms standing in the way of your goals. These are the trip wires you don’t even know you have, and that most of us struggle with for years without ever truly addressing.

Once identified you’ll be guided through the entire symphony of your internal world in a way that will bring integration and untapped wisdom to your finger tips. This will include upgrading your relationship to your Mind, Emotions, Heart, Self Preservation Instinct and Inspiration as well as your relationship to consciousness itself. This process alone will change the way you experience and show up to life dramatically.

From this place – with your unconscious and conscious self illuminated – we’ll dive into your career, business and mission to help you clarify your purpose and establish the most effective path to your next level. This, after all, is why you are here. Not simply heal and develop for the sake of it. You have work to do, gifts to share. We want to support you to do that.

In the final stage you’ll be more than ready to take some time to heal your body with an Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T.) session, Acupuncture and a cold laser treatment in appreciation of your body and to ground everything that has taken place.

When your retreat is over, it is not the end. When you go home you’ll be supported with regular check ups over email and a one-on-one session each month for next 90 days (or more) to support you to stay on track.


The Flow of The Retreat

(While all retreats are customized to your needs, here’s an example of what you can expect.)


Friday Afternoon and Evening

  Opening Consultation & Trans-Somatic Dialogue Session





Comprehensive Internal Systems Session


  Acupuncture and Laser Therapy Session


Business & Mission Strategic Assessment and Development


Trans-Somatic Dialogue Session


Guided Meditation



Meditation, Followed by a Detailed Evaluation of Day One


Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T.) Session


Summary of Findings and Detailed Planning of Next Steps






Closing Ceremony




Network Support

We’re pleased to offer you not only our services, but the services of those in our network of hand picked practitioners. If there’s an area that you wish to include we’re always happy to make a call and see if that need can be met on the spot at minimal extra cost. This includes:

Family Constellation with Representatives

Psycho – Neurobiology Sessions

Energetic and Shamanic Healing Sessions


Retreat + Accommodation + Meals + 3 Month Follow up Support: $3575  $2750

Retreat + Accommodation + Meals: $2825   $2400

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