Work With Me

I currently offer 1:1 sessions for individuals and practitioner trainings, which you can learn about here.

If you are interested in working with me individually, I will suggest having a brief, introductory call.

If we decide to work together, we will schedule a time to meet and I will invite you to share your story. This will immediately illuminate the archetypal patterns that you are embedded in. For example, the scapegoat, exile, warrior, high priestess and over-giver, all of which possess very specific qualities and dynamics that repeat with startling reliability. Some will support you while others will be maladaptive to a healthy, successful life.

As we identify your patterns, you will be relieved. Some you will already know, but others you will be unconscious of because they have been developed by defense mechanisms that your psyche created as a result of past trauma.

Understanding these defenses mechanisms and upgrading them will play a large part in our work because all defense mechanisms carried from childhood into adulthood not only become maladaptive, but will often re-illicit the very traumas they were designed to defend against.

These can include auto-immune conditions, repeated abandonments, endless conflicts, breakups, false starts and financial instability. They will often loop endlessly over the course of a lifetime until the patterns are safely and securely interrupted and redirected into healthier expressions.

When working I draw from a wide variety of modalities and traditions while also modeling the archetype of Hermes, the messenger. Like Hermes, my opinion will always be less valuable than the messages that I relay to you from your unconscious. Your unconscious is the “god” within, so to speak, tethered to the Divine, that broadcasts its wisdom in symbols, stories, dreams and somatic patterns that I will gather, and then deliver to you. This is by far the greatest depth of therapeutic work that I can offer. Not to tell you what I think, but what your unconscious, your Self, wants you to know.

My work is also hermetically sealed. For Hermes was known to have a box that could never be opened. In this way our work will be confidential and impenetrable, reflecting the archetypal needs of the chrysalis. I will never take a referral from you or work with anyone that you know. To do so would psychically contaminate our container. It would no longer be purely about you. It would not longer be purely for you.

If you would like to explore working together I can be reached here: